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Advair may be called one of the best drugs for the treatment of COPD and bronchial asthma. Both these diseases are characterized by the restriction of the oxygen passage through the respiratory tracts. The symptoms of these diseases are developed for a long period of time and sometimes it is rather difficult to determine the disease. The relapses appear suddenly and unexpectedly and only the well-timed treatment may help to prevent severe consequences up to the lethal outcome.

Why is Advair considered one of the best drugs for the treatment of diseases restricting the air in the respiratory tracts?
The main difference of Advair from the analogical remedies is the presence of two active components in its content. This drug includes Salmeterol (bronchodilator) and fluticasone (anti-inflammatory remedy). Both these active components interact positively and help to increase the efficiency of the COPD treatment and bronchial asthma even in the severest cases.

The action of Advair is directed at the relaxation of the muscles of bronchi and reduction of the inflammatory processes which narrow the respiratory tracts. Due to this the drug is released in the form of a substance for inhalation. Tablets and even injections cannot give such fast and concentrated action as to bronchi. During the inhalation the parts of the drug penetrate into the respiratory tracts and start acting at once. 

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As the pharmacological action of Advair starts rather quickly it is not meant for the arrest of the attacks of asthma. If the patient develops the asthma attack, do not hope that this remedy will help to restore the normal breathing. Usually, the action of the drug starts in 5 minutes, gains its peak in 30 minutes and lasts for about 12 hours. If the regimen is observed and this medicine is taken constantly, the frequency and intensity of the relapses of asthma will be significantly reduced. It is enough to make 1 inhalation 2 times per day (in the morning and before going to bed) and you will be protected against the sudden attacks. But it is necessary to have the inhaler to hand, so that it will be possible to be safe and use the additional dose.

It is not recommended to use 4-5 and more inhalations a day because it will not cause the improvement of the disease symptoms and may even worsen the course of COPD and lead to the side effects. 

It is rather easy to use Advair. Breathe in deeply and make 1 inhalation, and then it is necessary to rinse the mouth with water in order to remove the drug from the mouth cavity, tongue and teeth, and then close the inhaler with the cap in order to avoid the dust. It is necessary to follow the hygiene of the inhaler because the dust may cause the infectious inflammatory processes which will worsen the course of the bronchial asthma and increase the symptoms of COPD.
It is clinically proved that Advair is completely safe drug for the treatment of the bronchial asthma and it may be prescribed even children. The USA department has approved the use of this drug for the treatment of the severe obstructions of the lungs. Now it is possible to buy Advair online in any country of the world. In order to buy Advair online it is not needed to leave the house, and this will significantly reduce the risk of the disease relapse because of the external irritants. It is enough to order the delivery of the drug to the house and you can wait for the delivery of the medicine by the courier. You will be able to start the treatment in time.

The course of the treatment with Advair is based on the efficiency of the drug and intensity of the disease symptoms. If the patient feels better and the relapses do not come, it is possible to temporarily terminate the use of the drug and you will breathe easily without worrying severe attacks of asthma.