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Product Description

Xopenex is a brand name of the active component Levalbuterol which is contrasted with Salbutamol on the pharmaceutical market. It is a strong broncholidator which relaxes the smooth muscles of the airway system in paticular bronchi and prevents bronchospasms.

The bronchodilating action of Xopenex is connected with the relaxation of all muscles of the airway tracts and reduction of their reaction in response to smoke, coo; air, and also allergens. The reduction of the bronchi activity reduces the probability of the attack development and relaxation of the smooth muscles, allows easier arresting the coming attack. Due to this complex therapeutic effect the life of the patients is improved, they stop fearing sudden relapses of the bronchial asthma and may o any deals: work, physical activity and traveling.

The pharmaceutical action of Xopenex has an effect of the accumulation, and therefore do not expect the prompt therapeutic effect. The improvement of the symptoms of the obstruction of the lungs occurs only after the first day of the treatment but the stable result is possible only in several days after the start of inhalations. Xopenex increases the tolerance of the airway system in response to the irritants, and therefore the longer you take this remedy, the lower probability of the attacks will be.

This drug is ineffective as am urgent aid to arrest sharp attacks. It does not cause the prompt relaxation of the bronchi muscles.

The distinguished drawback of Xopenex is low length of the pharmacological action. Usually, the maintaining drugs for the treatment of COPD act for either 12 hours or within one day. The active phase of the work of Levalbuterol is 8 hours due to which the inhalations should be done several times a day.

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Indications for use

  • prophylaxis of chronic pulmonary obstructive disease
  • bronchial asthma treatment

In the individual cases Xopenex may be used as an additional medicine in order to increase the tolerance of the airway system and reduction of the risk of the complication, for example, chronic bronchitis, and to reduce the probability of the asthma development.

Way of use and dosage

Xopenex should be used only inhalative

  • the standard scheme of the treatment for adults and children older than 12 years old is 2 inhalations 3 times a day (every 8 hours)
  • if the treatment is started in the period of COPD relapse, the scheme may be changed slightly increasing the daily dose – 3 inhalations 3-4 times a day.
  • after gaining the therapeutic effect and reduction of the frequency of the bronchospasms it is needed to return to the standard scheme of the inhalations.
  • it is possible to buy Xopenex ihaler for children from 4 to 11 years old only after the prior examination in the doctor. The doctor should study the reaction of the child to the medicine and prescribe the individual dose.


  • Patients are contraindicated inhalations if they have viral or fungous infections of the respiratory system or allergy to Levalbuyol.
  • Children under 4 years old are not prescribed Xopenex.
  • If you faced the necessity to buy Xopenex inhaler during pregnancy or in the period of the lactation, consult your physician. In separate clinical cases the use of the drug during pregnancy may be not recommended.

Possible side effects

  • central nervous system: headache, dizziness, nausea
  • respiratory system: hoarseness, fungal affection of the mouth cavity

unlike many identical bronchodilators Xopenex causes side effects rarely buy you need to remember that the guarantee of the safe treatment is observance of all recommendations for the use and precautions.