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Product Description

Spiriva is a bronchodilating product used during background therapy of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It contains an active ingredient tiotropium bromide.

The mechanism of the action of Spiriva consists in blocking muscarinic receptors of the smooth muscles in the walls of trachea and bronchi. As a result of this, the activity of acetylcholine is slowed down that performs neuro-muscle transfer and is responsible for the spasm of the smooth muscles of trachea.

Using Spiriva dilates the respiratory tracts and improves the functions of the lungs. A severe breathlessness during physical activity, cough disappear, and the frequency of the attacks is reduced.

A therapeutic effect of Spiriva is kept within 24 hours. A relief of breathing happens in 30 minutes after the use of a one-time therapeutic dose. This drug does not work to reduce acute bronchospasm, and therefore it should be used only as the main maintaining product during COPD.

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Directions for the use

  • Treatment and maintaining treatment of COPD
  • Emphysema Treatment
  • Treatment of chronic bronchitis

How to take Spiriva?

Spiriva is produced in capsules for the inhalation application. As the treatment of COPD lasts for a long time, you should buy Spiriva in a big pack and receive a discount. This will help you to lower expenses during the COPD treatment and avoid a discomfort of taking Spiriva pills every day.
One capsule of Spiriva contains 22,5 mcg of the active ingredient tiotropium bromide. The daily therapeutic dose of Spiriva is 1 capsule. It is contraindicated to take more than 1 capsule per day because it will cause an acute condition of the COPD symptoms and other side effects.
Do not swallow capsules; use a special device for inhalations. Instructions for the use of the inhaler:

  • Open a security cap and mouthpiece
  • Take a capsule of Spiriva and put it in the central camera
  • Close tightly a mouthpiece (a security cap should be open)
  • Hold the inhaler upward and push a pierced butting
  • Take the mouthpiece in lips and take a deep breath, hold your breath for several second
  • Open the mouthpiece, get out a capsule and close the inhale


Before buying Spiriva online, please read an instruction for the use and consult a doctor. There are several recommendations required for the safe use of Spiriva.

  • Spiriva is not indicated to reduce acute bronchospasms
  • A patient may have bronchospasms after the inhalation, and therefore be caution
  • Using more than a capsule of Spiriva per day will lead to severe side effects in the cardiovascular system and there is a risk of the development of bronchospasms
  • Spiriva are not prescribed patients under 18 years old and women during the 1st term of pregnancy, and people with closed-angle glaucoma
  • Avoid reaching Spiriva powder of eyes
  • A capsule of Spiriva contains 5,5 mg of lactose, and therefore patients with intolerance of lactose should not take this drug
  • Regularly visit a doctor and check the functions of the cardiovascular system, and lungs during the treatment

Medical interaction

  • Spiriva is contraindicated to be used with other inhibitors of muscarinic receptors because of the possible overdose
  • The use of Spiriva is allowed with the use of antibiotics/anti-inflammatory products, systemic glucocorticosteroids

Possible side effects

The use of Spiriva may be accompanied by some side effects such as tachycardia, dry mouth, thirst, nose bleed, throat irritation, and cough.

The side effects appear in every patient but the correct application of the inhaler and following the dosage regime will not bring severe side effects and will not affect the quality of the life.